Wednesday, 1 June 2011



This is a zine I made for my final project, which featured in the Plymouth College of Art Summer Show and also New Designers. 
It tells the tale of Cancinos (The name coming from a combination of the constellation Cancer and the greek mythological crab Karkinos or Carcinus):

'It is said that in the centre of the world there lives Cancinos, a giant crab and in the beginning of time Terra, the planet which we populate, was nothing but endless water as the Crustacea slept. Then one world-changing day Cancinos awoke, no one knows exactly why, some say it had a bad dream, others say the beast was hungry, and others just say it was just time. Whatever it was the Titan had awakened, to find itself a prisoner, a prison made out of nigh-impenetrable rock and it was at this time that the crab realised there was no escape. Though not all hope was lost for like the creatures we see living in the sea, the mighty crabs exoskeleton was encrusted with many equally impressive Barnacles, brothers of Cancinos. A deal was made between the brothers, the Barnacles slowly eroded the faults in the rock, which trapped them, and made their way to Terra’s surface, once there they made floating anchors on the waters surface to make sure the rock like chimneys they had created would not move. Once this was created they siphoned Cancinos’ blood through the hollow structures, and using a similar process to how a person gets oxygen into their blood, the Barnacles allowed food to diffuse through thus feeding their brother below. In exchange the crab protected the Barnacles and if their floating anchors ever became too eroded then the crab would increase it’s blood pressure creating what we call a Volcano, and the blood would cool and harden rebuilding any damage created by sea, man or any other force large enough to cause damage. These anchors are what we call Island, made up from layers of Barnacles and the blood of Cancinos.'

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