Friday, 19 October 2012

Screen Printing Monster Portraits

I have been screen printing  my monster portraits for Made Up Pop Up Shop, up in London town, which they requested.

Derrys Cross Exhibition

Without me knowing, The Plymouth College of Art put on a small exhibition of the illustration course in the old Derrys building and my work was chosen to be featured. 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Designers 2012

For New Designers, I did the same set up as the Plymouth College of Art Summer Show. 

I was also featured in the Design Week blog, which is pretty damn amazing.  

Plymouth College of Art Summer Show 2012

For The Plymouth College of Art Summer Show 2012, I wanted to make my space into a sort of set with the use of vinyl stickers to make it look like sedimentary rock like the sort of wall the Ghost Explorer would have in his home at the bottom of the sea. I choose to exhibit The Ghost Explorer And The Great Underwater Mountain Range because I thought this image illustrated the whole project the best. 

(Photo taken by Kelly Walton)

The Ghost Explorer - Page Eighteen (Deleted Scene)

In this extra scene of The Ghost Explorer, our newly reunited couple are about to go on another spectral adventure together.

The Ghost Explorer - Page Seventeen

In this concluding illustration of The Ghost Explorer, our hero and heroine finally come together as ghosts to live happily ever after.